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Hiren M. – San Mateo, CA

Excellent work and great customer service!!
Wouldn't take my vehicle anywhere else.
Naem is an excellent service advisor!

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Island B. – Redwood City, CA

We got into what appeared to be a minor accident over the summer and brought our car into A+ Japanese Auto Repair, Inc., not knowing anything about them (they were local and close by).  We were greeted by one of the nicest advisors that I have ever come across...Justin Mills.  Justin worked with us in determining what the problems were with our car as well as assisted us in getting our insurance company what they needed in a timely manner.

Justin's professionalism, friendly demeanor as well as his "customer first" attitude truly calmed our anxiety while we waited for resolution with our insurance company.  In the end, everything worked out well due to Justin's direction and assistance.  We now have a "go to" auto shop that we can truly trust...thanks Justin!

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Spruce J. – Belmont, CA

My wife and I are impressed with the very high level of courtesy and obvious commitment to customer service. My car's needed repairs were thoroughly explained to me and I never felt pressured. A plus Japanese repairs is our first choice.

One more visit later: what I said before still goes. Extremely considerate courteous treatment. Donna really lights up the room. My only gripe is that they need more parking space. Overall, very efficient and thoughtful.

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Tina Y. – San Francisco, CA

Great service, informative and patient in explaining all details related to the car maintenance service. Would definitely come back.

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Jessica M. – San Carlos, CA

After a few bumps sending my car back here several times, Naeem ordered custom diagnostic equipment to find out exactly what was wrong with my 20-year-old Honda beater car. It took several tries but their commitment and service is commendable. And my car has been problem-free since the last visit, so I guess the custom equipment made the difference! All good now.

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Patty C. – San Mateo, CA

Getting good customer service, especially when dealing with vehicle repairs, is rare. I have never experienced such responsive and amazing customer service ever. Follow up phones calls, realistic discussions and always doing what is promised and going above and beyond. A+ has a permanent customer in me!

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Matthew S. – Redwood City, CA

Extremely impressed with the customer service. I brought my 2011 Hyundai Sonata in for a bulb replacement and to remove a wind visor. After only 10 mins they had the car ready to go and to my surprise told me no charge. Definitely will be bringing my car back here for all future repairs.

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Jasmine F. – San Mateo, CA

You know when you just meet someone and you think to yourself, wow, they're really good at what they do... Well, that is how I have felt about Justin and the team at A+.  I had always taken my MDX to the dealer.  After a quote I had received for some work that needed to be done last  summer, I almost died.  My partner mentioned that his brother had a mechanic that he really liked/trusted so I thought I'd give them a call.  After the diagnostic test at A+, not only was the quote the dealer gave me totally off, I didn't even need some of the work they were suggesting.  I really appreciated that Justin broke the service options down for me in order of importance. He took the time to explain in great detail what needed to be done and why.  Once I gave him the green light, he kept me informed as the work was being done.
After hearing of my great experience, my partner started bringing his truck in as well!  We are both so happy with the service and the quality of work that is done at A+.  Justin really cares about his clients and you will agree the second you meet him.

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Katherine G. – Mountain View, CA

These folks are legit and have changed my Prius tire twice now, always same-day service. Got a warranty the first time so didn't have to pay again.

Super convenient that they're a 10 minute walk from San Carlos Caltrain station. 🙂

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Ken T. – Redwood City, CA

Had my father's car repaired here after getting bids from other repair shops. They run a very professional run business, with good communication and quality of work.

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Rick W. – Glendale, CA

I could not be happier with the service they provided. I brought in my 2001 Toyota Avalon because it was having trouble starting and the headlights worked intermittently. Louie was wonderful to work with and explained everything they needed to do. The final bill was less then I expected and he even went over it line by line to explain how they reached the figure. On top of all of that they called an Uber for me to both take me home after I dropped my car off, and pick me up to bring me back.

They are honest, and are not just about a quick fix that will keep you coming back.

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Gary S. – San Carlos, CA

A repeat performance of exceptional technical support and customer experience.  As busy as they are, one of the founder/owners said hello by name, asked about my wife's car and ished us a happy holiday.  It's simple - this business, the team, is THE benchmark for quality in car service.

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Doreen W. – San Mateo, CA

This was the best experience I've ever had at an Auto Repair shop. Justin is amazing and a pleasure to work with, you know your getting a great value when here.

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howard s. – Redwood City, CA

Didn't bring my car in, just spoke to Louie, on the phone. I was impressed with their integrity, knowledge, and caring.

I could not ask of any more from any business.  You guys have a brand new,  loyal customer.

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jeff e. – San Mateo, CA

Been taking our families cars there for a while now so this is long overdue. Initially I was impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. In particular how well they stay in contact through the entire process. Recently my car was involved in a traffic accident and they were great networking with the insurance company. They have always been courteous thorough efficient polite and timely. They've always told me the cost and my options in advance and let me make my own decisions. I've never had an unpleasant surprise or felt anything less than that I was being treated honestly and professionally. I respect that very much  I think you'll appreciate taking your car this place

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Babylon K. – San Lorenzo, CA

There's a planet out there, whose inhabitants are the most awesome, helpful, wonderful people.
Population: 5

Justin is one of them!!

Shout out to Justin from the East Bay!!

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Rob J. – San Francisco, CA

What: four new tires, mount/balance and alignment

Experience: awesome service, was pretty much in and out.

Long story: I called about 11 different shops up and down the peninsula looking for Continental TrueContact 225/60r17 tires for my Subaru. Initially A+ was the most expensive, I commented this to Justin during my feeler call. Justin was pretty surprised and asked about the price difference.  He was also shocked, said he would investigate and call me back. Thinking nothing of it, I was about to order on tireRack and have some recommended installer do the work.  Justin called me back to let me know about the supplier error and his updated cost. I was pretty impressed about the honest transparent follow up. So I decided to give A+ the business.

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George P. – San Carlos, CA

So Justin Mills and the team at A+ Japanese are just simply amazing! I purchase a vehicle out of state and brought it in to Justin to do a once over as I needed to replace the oil pan changed on it. Justin did a very thorough job on explaining what specifically was wrong with the vehicle and what were specific things he recommended versus they could wait.

This really spoke to allowing me as a customer to make the best decision for my vehicle and the budget I had. Once I authorized the specific repairs, Justin kept me in the loop of what ETA was for the vehicle. There was a specific instance where he gave me a heads up on a specific issue that could have increased the repair cost significantly but that he would take additional time to address the issue. Leaving it that extra time allowed for the best repair and getting it back it too top shape.

Justin is definitely the best in the business and a true example of a customer focused professional.

Make sure you bring your car here for any needs you have and these guys will take good care of you.

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Elli S. – San Mateo, CA

I had a great experience taking my car to the Japanese auto repair.  The entire work was done in a quick and professional matter.  They ordered and paid for "Uber" to take me home and later back to the shop.  Through the entire time they explained what needs to be done on my car in detail, by calling me before they took any action on the repairs.  Naeem Subedar was the gentleman who was assigned to my work, very knowledgeable and professional.  I believe the professionalism is the overall culture there.  
I highly recommend the shop to everyone.

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Pamela P. – San Carlos, CA

While I have been going to A+ Japanese for a number of years, Justin made my last experience there just as good as it had been last year before Rob left.  I was concerned that when Rob left, the service might change.

I just had my Fall Service done and Justin was very good at telling me the things that they found that I could opt to do, or not do, along with the service. Of course, I knew that this was coming because places always want to "sell" you more.

While this occurred, there was no pressure on me to do it and I selected to do just the bare minimum.  Plus, they always make getting my car to them and back super easy.

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Nikolay T. – San Mateo, CA

Great service. Justin was very polite and explained what needs to be repaired. Even provided a complimentary Uber ride.

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Lulu B. – Reno, NV

Thank you Naem for getting us through a difficult repair- You came to the rescue!
I will recommend your business to anyone who is tired of what the Dealer calls "customer service"-

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Jason R. – San Francisco, CA

I'm never happy about bringing my car into the shop. It puts stress on my budget, my schedule, and of course, it puts stress on my transportation needs in the interim. But when my car started making metallic grinding noises every time I braked, I figured I was pushing my luck in putting it off.

Considering how much I hate having to take my car in, Japanese A+ made the process more bearable than I thought. Upon arrival, everyone I spoke with was pleasant and courteous. They arranged transportation back to my place quickly and efficiently. I was in and out with practically no wait time.

I got a call not hours later from Matt, who sent me over an itemized list of what was wrong with my car. Being a 2003 Toyota Camry, the list was not short.

Now the bill was not especially low, but considering the work I had done to my aging car, it seems worth the money. Also, the brakes and rotors were all changed out within a day, which sounds impressive to me.

This place is worth going to for the customer service at the very least. I brought my car in a month later to change out a headlamp. Naeem had it done in less than 10 minutes, for free, as a courtesy. It was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for keeping my car ticking guys.

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Theda E. – Belmont, CA

Went to their website to make an appointment and 1) Received a chat window from an employee inquiring if I needed immediate assistance (I didn't) 2) Made my appointment requests which were confirmed later a few hours later.

Dropped off my car and checked in for my first appointment with them: drop off at 8:40am and I was back home in time for my 9:00am call. Very convenient!

I received an e-mail update of the inspection as well as a call from Naeem by 1pm that my car would be ready within the hour.

Quick, thorough, convenient, and affordable.

I'm likely to stick with Japanese cars, so I think I've found my permanent mechanic.

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John Y. – San Carlos, CA

I just started going to A+ and thought I would wait until after a few experiences before giving them a review.  I've now brought 3 cars there and have always dealt with Naeem.  I wish I had discovered them long ago!  Their level of explanation and what absolutely needs to be done and what can be deferred (my kids pay for their car's repairs so this is important) means they place a value on a long term relationship.  Most importantly, they communicate which means they call when they say they will - I don't have to chase them down.  That's important to me!   Would highly recommend to anyone!

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Viviane K. – San Jose, CA

Most helpful place! Even when I asked for help on my snow chains, Donna helped me plan for a session on how to install it and let me use my voucher. Very quick with responses on Yelp messages as well. Thank you! Made me feel relieved that I had this resource.

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Matt E. – La Honda, CA

Another perfect streamlined service job for my 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS. Thanks again Justin & crew!

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Dan R. – Redwood City, CA

Fantastic business! The folks who work here are honest and do great work. I've been coming here for about a year now, and will co to us to be a repeat customer! Highly recommended!

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Jennifer F. – San Francisco, CA

Excellent service. Extraordinarily friendly.

Just needed a simple oil change. Done. Bam. Thanks!

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Douglas C. – San Mateo, CA

All I can saw is EXCELLENT! In my many years of car ownership and living in multiple location in the U.S., I have never been so impressed at the level of service and attention to detail. Justin was absolutely FANTASTIC! Whoever owns this place, give them ALL a raise. I will bring my car here for everything!! This should be the model for all mechanic shops!

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