Slick Rock Trail - Testing the Rig

Cutting 3

FJ80 Land Cruiser Getting Ready To Cut Inner Fender

Creating Fender Lip - FJ80 Intalling 37

Landcruiser - FJ80 - Fender Lips Welding and Grinding

Reverse side of fender lip - Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

Finished Metal Work - Toyota Land Cruiser Fender

FZJ80 - Land Cruiser - Fender Back on Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser - FJ80 Inner Fender Job

FJ80 Backside of Inner Fender - Pizza Wedges

Drivers Side Toyota Land Cruiser Fender - FJ80

Fenders on the Land Cruiser - Bondo Applied

FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser experts - A+ Japanese Auto Repair

FJ80 Fenders Sanded and Primed

Passanger side - Toyota Land Cruiser Fender Chop

Fender Toyota Land Cruiser - Final Sanding

Prepped and Sanded ready for application of Bedliner

FJ80 Fitting 37

A+ Japanese Auto Repair - Toyota Land Cruiser Specialists

Land Cruiser FJ80 Suspension with radflos

FJ80 - Land Cruiser Roof Rack

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos