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Meet Our Service Manager

Meet Rob Lucas!!

Service Manager at A+ Japanese Auto Repair in San Carlos.


How long have you worked in the automotive business and what jobs did you have?

I started my automotive career as mechanic at a local Mitsubishi dealership in 1987.

In 1992, I was injured on the job but still had to keep working so I started my career as a service writer (working with clients). Turns out, I liked being a service writer and I was pretty good at it! I found that I was uniquely qualified to help clients and explain car parts because I used to work on them. From there… the rest was history!

What do you like best about your job? 
I like helping clients understand what we are doing do their car and why.

I think of it like this, if auto repair is magical, I like to think of myself as the magician who explains all the tricks.

If could have a superhero power, what would it be and how would you use it? 
I would want X-ray vision like superman so I could look inside people’s engines to see if there was anything wrong!

Do you have a personal mission statement when you work with clients? 
Yes, I want someone to completely understand what we did to their car and why, not just how much it cost. To me car repair can be rewarding and exciting. It keeps the client and their family safe on the road.

Can you think of a fun client story who you helped recently? 
The one that comes to mind is when one of our current clients unfortunately was involved in an accident. It was on a weekend and I wasn’t available.

A second person drove by the accident and offered help. After the two started talking, it turns out they were both clients of A+ that I have worked with! In a time of need when there was an emergency, they knew that I would help, and we took care of her car first thing Monday morning!

Oh! Another story just popped into mind. I recently had a phone call from a client and her Lexus wouldn’t start. She happened to be stuck in the parking lot with her kids, the tow truck wasn’t going to be there for over an hour, and with the vast knowledge about the cars we work on, I was able to help her get the car started over the phone. It feels so good to be able to help people.

Is there something that you want clients to know about you that they probably don’t know already?
I work on old classic cars as a hobby. Just out of high school I was driving out on “the San Mateo Cruise” and I met my wife Shelle! Now my wife and I have two beautiful girls. Can you tell I am into cars?



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