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A tune-up service used to refer to making adjustments to a carburetor, ignition point & condenser, ignition timing, and changing spark plugs. The term "tune-up" now slowly being replaced in the auto repair industry with the term ignition system tune up.

The words "tune-up" for current vehicles are interchangeable with a 5,000 mile service, minor service, intermediate service, or major service.


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Tune Up Service Intervals

These major tune up services are performed at mileage intervals typically 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Non-major service intervals for most Japanese made vehicles are every 5,000 miles.

The 5,000 mile service (minor tune up) should include an engine oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, check all fluids, lights, and battery. We think this 5,000 mile tune up service is the single most important tune up to keep your vehicle running for a long time.

Spark Plug Replacement

The spark plug replacement tune up is now referred to as replacing “ignition components.” The interval for spark plugs can be as little as 30,000 miles to 120,000 mile interval with new spark plug technology. 

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your miles-per-gallon is with an ignition system tune-up. Just think: One spark plug misfiring half of the time can reduce fuel economy by 7% and two can reduce it by 20%. A misfiring spark plug can also cause the check engine light to come on. Make sure you know how far you can drive with the check engine light on. With gas prices where they are today, the tune up or ignition system service is a valuable service that is often times overlooked.

Below (Fig B.) is a picture showing a comparison between worn and new spark plugs. The job of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel/air mixture. The worn plug will have a very hard time doing this efficiently, or in some cases at all. Again, preventative maintenance is a great course of action to prevent your spark plugs from ever wearing to this condition.

(Fig A.) Ignition system simplified
(Fig B.) shows the difference between worn and new spark plug.

Computer Controlled Tune Up

Since the 1980's, most vehicle's engine management has been tuned up by computer controlled technology. Your vehicle's efficiency and performance is correctly tuned by the ECM (Engine Control Module), the ignition system, fuel system, and emission system. This results in peak combustion chamber efficiency, saving you money at the gas pump, and utilizing all the engine's power. If you'd like more tips to improve your gas mileage, read our blog!

Keep in mind the ECM is only capable of tuning up your engine but not compensating for worn tune up or ignition system components. This is why A+ Japanese Auto Repair in San Carlos believes so strongly in preventative tune up maintenance.

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for general informational purposes only.  It is not intended as advice for your particular vehicle, and should not be relied upon for that purpose. Please consult a qualified automotive maintenance professional to determine the maintenance and repair needs for your vehicle.

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