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Have you ever looked under the hood of your car and wondered what was going on in there? A car engine can look like a complicated system of metal, sensors, hoses and wires to the uninitiated. At A+ Japanese Auto Repair we take the time to explain the inner workings of the engine as they relate to auto service or an auto repair your vehicles engine may need. Our facility feels taking the time to educate our clients on how the engine systems work to help the make an educated decision when it comes to the repair of their vehicle. Typically newer vehicles will hide the complexity of the engine under a plastic cosmetic cover of some sort (Fig A.) but remove the cover (Fig B.) and marvel at the complex engineering that has gone into designing an engine that can last 200,000 miles or more.

(Fig A.)
Complex engine covered by cosmetic shrouds and covers
(Fig B.)
Shroud removed to expose complex
network of hoses, wires, sensors, and piping.

The Combustion Engine:

The combustion engine defined – a combustion engine requires a small amount of high-energy fuel… think gasoline…. in a small, enclosed space. When this fuel is sealed in this space (combustion chamber) and ignited, it creates an incredible amount of energy that is released in the form of expanding gas or exhaust. The purpose of a gasoline motor or combustion engine is to convert gasoline into motion. Below in (Fig C.) is a simplified diagram of how the fuel and air ignite to create energy, expel the gas (exhaust) from the motor. This process happens hundreds of times per minute to give you an idea on how fast this occurs in your vehicles engine. We have all experienced when there is an issue with this due to a misfire, rough running, lack of power, or multitude of other concerns that can arise when something is affecting the way your vehicles engine is running. Going back to looking under the hood there are many complicated systems that can have an impact on how your vehicles engine performs.

(Fig C.) Diagram explains how fuel is turned into energy in your vehicles engine

San Carlos Engine Repair & Service Experts - A+ Japanese Auto Repair Inc.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair has ASE certified technicians that are experts on combustion engines and engine repair. We employ highly trained mechanics to service and repair engines in the following vehicles: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Kia, Scion, Hyundai, Isuzu, and Hybrid vehicles. Please note: the hybrid vehicle is exactly that, a hybrid vehicle uses both a combustion engine and a electric motor to power the vehicle. The combustion engine is also known as your vehicles motor, engine, and powertrain. When it comes to repairing or maintain your vehicles engine A+ Japanese Auto Repair employs experts at everything from engine oil and filter changes to engine rebuilds and replacements.

At A+ Japanese Auto Repair we require that our ASE certified mechanics constantly train on new engine systems, engine diagnosis, and engine repair. This assures that our mechanics are able to diagnose and repair any engine issues properly and efficiently. When it comes to engine repair for your vehicle the value of having an efficient knowledgeable mechanic is cost savings. Our commitment to our clients is we perform engine repair and auto repair the first time every time. Call us today if you have any questions regarding engine repair and maintenance or feel free to stop by and consult with one of our auto repair experts about any concerns you are having.

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