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How complicated are todays vehicles electrical systems?

Electrical systems are becoming more and more important in today’s computer controlled vehicles. Todays vehicles have more complicated electrical systems than than the apollo space crafts used to get to the moon!  At A+ Japanese Auto Repair we find ourselves leading the way in the diagnosis of electrical circuits and computer controlled systems. Many local auto repair shops bring vehicles they cannot diagnosis to us for our expertise and assistance. The complexity of these systems can be visualized in wiring diagrams. Below is a wiring diagram from a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (Fig A.) Each line indicates a wire. In (Fig B.) Imagine then taking each straight line (wire in figure a.) and accessing testing each one individual to identify an issue and repair it. Our many years and expertise in electrical diagnosis means a cost savings to our clients as we have either seen your electrical concern before or will be able to find and repair it quickly and correctly.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics and Repair
(FIg A.) Typical Manufacture Diagram
Auto Electrical Diagnostics and Repair
(Fig B.) Shows location of each wire in (Fig A.)

How does my vehicles CAN network work?

Automotive vehicle manufacturers are using Computer Area Network Systems or CAN BUS systems to control vehicle systems. To visualize the complexity of these CAN Networks think of separate computers for your heated seats, power windows, radio, GPS, transmission, computer controlled engine components etc… all connected and talking to each other. A modern car even has electrical circuits in the tires monitoring tire pressures at millisecond intervals.  An electrical circuit can be found in every part of a modern car and all of these electrical circuits are interconnected and dependent on each other to make sure your vehicle is functioning properly.  An issue in any system can be recognized by the self diagnostic tests run by the vehicles computers within the CAN network system.  If an issue is detected within the can network the vehicles dash will alert you with a check engine light, SRS warning light, TPMS warning light etc....  With more systems and computer controlled components being added to todays vehicles mechanics are adding tech skills to there required skill set.   Todays mechanics are network diagnosis experts allowing them to identify any issues with your vehicle and repair them.  Our auto repair & service facility requires our ASE certified auto mechanics to stay abreast with the latest electrical diagnostic methods, procedures, and repairs by constantly training and attending related classes. Our ASE Technicians are experts at electrical diagnosis on CAN (computer area network), OBDII (On Board Diagnostic 2), OBDI (On Board Diagnostic 1), Hybrid Drive Systems (HDS) and all 12 volt electrical systems. These systems are used by the following manufacturers: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus,Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Scion, Isuzu, Kia, Hyundai,and Hybrid Vehicles.