Three Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Did you know that California has the second highest average gas prices of any state? Even when prices go down in the golden state, they can still take up a big chunk of a monthly budget. The good news is that there are a number of things every driver can do to maximize their car's fuel efficiency and give themselves a break at the pump. Try these three tips to boost your miles-per-gallon and save money with every tank of gas.

1. Get an Engine Tune-Up A gas station at night

If an engine isn't properly tuned, it has to work much harder to deliver the same amount of power, and that means burning more fuel. Two components to pay particular attention to are the spark plugs and the fuel injectors. The spark plug needs to be strong to make sure the engine burns fuel properly. Fuel injectors are designed to spray a mist of fuel that is readily combustible. Over time, however, they can clog and send out a jet of fuel. When this happens, some of the fuel doesn't ignite and instead sits in the bottom of the cylinder, wasted. A proper tune-up can help correct both of these issues.

2. Reduce the Load

The more weight the car is carrying, the more fuel it has to burn to move that weight around. We're not suggesting you make your friends take the bus in the name of fuel efficiency, but be conscious of items you don't need to haul. Removing a set of golf clubs or a trunk full of nick-nacks can shave a few miles per gallon. To go the extra mile, avoid filling your tank all the way at the pump as gasoline weighs over six pounds per gallon.

3. Check Your Tires

Low tire pressure can lead to a 3 percent drop in fuel efficiency by increasing elasticity and friction at the car's contact point with the road. Check the car's manual or look for a sticker in the door jam for the optimal pressure, usually between 30-35 PSI. To boost fuel efficiency even further, use narrower, low-rolling-resistance compound tires.

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for general informational purposes only.  It is not intended as advice for your particular vehicle, and should not be relied upon for that purpose.  Please consult a qualified automotive maintenance professional to determine the maintenance and repair needs for your vehicle.

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