10 Driving Safety Tips For The Average Driver

Safety Tips For The Average Driver By A+ Japanese Auto Repair In San Carlos

Most driving accidents are caused by human error, and many accidents can be avoided with these ten tips. At our auto repair shop, our goal is the safety of you and your vehicle. We recommend following these ten driver safety tips: 

  1. It is no surprise that number one of the list is vehicle maintenance. Whether it’s bald tires, brakes, a low battery, or a slow leak, if your vehicle is unsafe, our technicians at A+ Japanese Auto Repair will be able to quickly and accurately assess and fix the issue. Preventative maintenance doesn’t just extend the life of your car, but it keeps your vehicle driving safely and smoothly. 
  2. Make sure to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving involves maintaining a safe distance between you and other vehicles, while also not speeding. On the other hand, aggressive driving increases the risk of accidents. An aggressive driver typically will aggravate other drivers, creating a more dangerous and risky situation. If you complete a defensive driving course, your insurance company might even offer you a discount! 
  3. Drive with this frame of mind -- assume everyone around you is a beginner driver. This means you should be prepared for sudden lane changes, swerving, tailgating, and any other bad driving behavior you can think of. 
  4. Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. This way, you will have enough time to react if a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you. 
  5. If you are driving in bad weather, such as a spring storm, make sure to be extra cautious. Drive well below the speed limit, especially around curves. If you are experiencing poor visibility, don’t be afraid to pull over and take a break. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  6. Don’t forget about your seatbelt! This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to learn how many people forget this critical step. 
  7. If you are tired, stressed, and overall distracted, there is no shame in postponing your drive and waiting until you feel more rejuvenated. If you are driving and begin to experience these feelings, you can always pull over and wait until you feel more calm or alert. 
  8. Put your phone away! Out of sight, out of mind! Before you start driving, you might want to put your phone in an area; you won’t be able to hear or see it, such as your purse or glove box. 
  9. Don’t speed. Not only are you breaking the law when you do, but driving ten mph faster is only going to save you a few minutes. The disadvantages of speeding far outweigh the benefits. 
  10. Don’t drive while impaired. More than 30 percent of all car accident fatalities involve drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. Again, it is always better safe than sorry. Don’t risk it, and instead, call a friend or an Uber or Lyft. 

The team at A+ Japanese Auto Repair has implemented several policies and procedures to combat the coronavirus to ensure your vehicle’s safety and longevity doesn’t have to be compromised during this tough time. 

They have also extended 10% off labor up to $100 for the month of May as well as their free vehicle pick-up/delivery service from your home or work.

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