10 Most Preventable Auto Repairs

At A+ Japanese Auto Repair, we can’t emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance enough. If you bring your car into our facility for preventative maintenance, you can save money in the long-run by preventing potentially expensive and dangerous repairs. Here are 10 of the most preventable auto repairs: 

  1. Transmission Replacement: Routine maintenance, including an inspection of your transmission fluid, can prevent you from being dealing with a transmission replacement. 
  2. Cracked Head Gasket: Your head gasket keeps your coolant from mixing with your engine oil. If it cracks, coolant would flood your engine and damage other parts of your vehicle. 
  3. Catalytic Converter Replacement: With the right maintenance, this part of your engine can last as long as your car does. 
  4. Turbocharger Replacement: This car part increases the efficiency of your engine. 
  5. Timing Belt Replacement: your timing belt makes sure your engine’s valves open and close at the same time. As you can imagine, this belt can go through a lot of wear and tear, if not properly maintained. 
  6. Fuel Injector Replacement: You can extend the life of your vehicle’s fuel injector with routine maintenance. 
  7. Engine Seizure: An engine seizure is easily preventable with routine oil changes. 
  8. Tire Replacement: It is a good idea to get your tires rotated every time your vehicle gets an oil change. This way, your tires can wear evenly and prolong the life of your tires. 
  9. Camshaft Replacement: Your camshaft is a component of your engine’s internal combustion system, and a replacement is easily preventable with routine service. 
  10. Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement: Brake pads and rotors wear down overtime, but replacements can be more expensive as time goes on without routine maintenance. 

We hope this list is a reminder of how important preventative maintenance is. To keep your driving safely and smoothly for years to come, along with avoiding expensive repairs, routine maintenance is a must. Schedule an appointment today for preventative maintenance at A+ Japanese Auto Repair. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070. 

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