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What do I do if my car overheats?

Things You Need To Know If Your Car Overheats A long summer road trip, climbing up a grade, 100 degrees outside, car loaded up with luggage… this is a recipe for an overheating car! There are a few things you can do to stop your car from overheating. We are going to share four of them with you. 1. Be Aware Of Your Car’s Temperature Gauge - When the temperature gauge is resting half way between hot and cold, this is perfect (which is between 190-215*F or xx-xx*C). Any time the gauge exceeds that temperature, your car is starting to overheat.  You’ll want to glance at the gauge periodically and definitely more often when you are climbing, going faster than 70 mph, towing, or have a fully loaded car. If the gauge is creeping up or if you have any warning that the car is overheating, read below on what to do.  2. Turn Off The Air Conditioning - The car’s air conditioning compressor typica ... read more


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3 Wet Weather Driving Tips

3 Wet Weather Driving Tips

3 Wet Weather Driving Tips You Need To Know As wet weather settles in, driving on the road becomes increasingly dangerous. Each year there are over 1.2 million accidents related to weather and of those, 73% due to wet pavement. In this article, we share 3 tips that you need to know before you get behind the wheel on a wet day. 1. Slow your vehicle speed: There was an old saying, "speed kills". Not to be over dramatic but lowering your speed is the number one thing that you can do to keep safe. When water on the roads is kicked up on your windshield, your visibility is drastically decreased. This lack of visibility impairs your reaction time to maneuver your vehicle quickly and avoid hazards. 2. Leave more distance:  When the roads are wet, the pavement friction is reduced by almost 1/2. The coefficient of dry payment is 0.7 while wet pavement is 0.4 for an "all weather" tire.  This tip is simply a matter of leavi ... read more

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