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How Far Can I Drive With The Gas Light On?

How far can I drive with my gas light on before running out of gas? When your gas light comes on, you have an average of 30-50 miles before you run out of gas. The type of vehicle, how hard you are accelerating, the speed, and load of the vehicle will all have an impact on how far you can drive with your gas light on. How much gas is left when the gas light comes on? Typically, cars have between 2-4 gallons of fuel remaining in the gas tank when the gas light illuminates on the dash. It is recommended to get to a gas station immediately especially if you are on a road trip, gas stations can be far away. How many miles can you get on empty? Most cars will drive another 30-50 miles after the gas light comes on. Hard acceleration, fast speed, and a heavy loaded vehicle will all decrease the distance until you run out of fuel. Also any heavy electrical loads like the head lights and air conditions can decrease fuel mileage as well. How do I conserve gas when the gas light comes on ... read more


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