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How to safely remove ice off my windshield

With the cold days upon us, we wanted to share 4 easy and safe ways to remove ice off your window. Before you begin any of the below steps, do this: If your vehicle is parked in a well ventilated area, start the car, roll down your driver's side window (so you don't get locked out of the car), and turn the heater on to the defrost setting. Then turn the rear window defrost to the on position.  1. The Makeshift Ice Scraper Save an old credit card or gift card in your wallet. Place the longer edge against your glass starting from the top of the window and scrape the ice down. After you are done with the whole window, lift the wiper blades up and scrape the ice slush off the car. All done! 2. Water makes (Almost) everything Better With this method, be careful of two things... the outside temperature and the temperature of the water. If the outside temperature is too cold (32* F or below), you will build up more ice. If the water is too hot (anything ... read more


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