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Toyota Sienna Safety Recall

Toyota Sienna Safety Recall for Sliding Doors On Nov. 22, 2016, Toyota issued a safety recall for about 744,000 model year 2011 - 2016 Toyota Sienna Mini-Vans.  In certain vehicles, under certain conditions, it's possible that the sliding door locking mechanism could allow the door to slide open while vehicle is in motion.  The way these safety recalls work is that a limited about of vehicles are typically effected, not all vehicles. It's always best to check the manufacture website with your VIN# to see if your vehicle is one that is under the recall notice. Typically, the manufacture (Toyota in this case) will know which vehicles have the effected part and can just recall that specific vehicle with the faulty part. You can read further information and check to see if your vehicle is effected by this Toyota Sienna Safety Recall For Sliding Doors&nb ... read more

How To Install Snow Chains

How To Install Snow Chains

How To Install Snow Chains In this blog post, we have made a video guide on how to install snow chains. Please be sure to follow the chain and vehicle manufacture instructions, only use this information as a guide. There are a few things to remember when installing snow chains. Get your vehicle to a safe, flat, spot away from traffic. Don't drive the vehicle over the recommended miles per hour on the chains or by the vehicle manufacture. We recommend to install the chains on the wheels that drive the vehicle (i.e. front wheel drive would call for the chains to be installed on the front wheels of the vehicle.) Don't allow any sharp components to be facing the rubber tire. Never install chains that are missing components or have any visual damage. When it comes to the installation of the chains, if you are unsure about any of the procedure, make sure to get professional help.  Click to watch the ... read more

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