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5 Tips To Save Gas

5 Tips to Save Gas We have explained 5 simple way for you to save gas while driving your vehicle. Learn when most of your gas is being used, how to avoid it, and ultimately save gas & money. 1. No heavy acceleration – This is where your car swallows up most of it’s fuel. Acceleration in general is where you are moving a few thousand pound vehicle from a complete stop to 35 miles an hour and beyond. If you accelerate reasonably you can see about 25% increase in fuel savings, try it for one tank! 2. Avoid using the air conditioning - Understandably, this is not-popular, but it is worth mentioning. When clients bring their vehicles in for service, the air conditioning is usually on the low setting. The air conditioning compressor is like a small engine and it takes extra fuel to run it. You will see a fuel savings of about 5-10% depending on the type of car. 3. Obey the speed limit - Most vehicles are ... read more


Car Maintenance
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