How to Care For Your Car During the Summer

Your car is, in some ways, is a member of your family! However, just like any member of your family, your car can be vulnerable, especially during the summer! This article will go through some basic steps you can take and habits you can adopt to help your vehicle survive through the deadliest season for vehicles -- the scorching summer! 
First, you have to make sure that you always park in shady areas. Frequent high temperatures and sun rays can burn your car paint and make your vehicle look like a (literally) hot mess! Just because you are having a good time in your car during a summer day doesn’t mean that your vehicle is not getting damaged! Damaged car paint is one of the most painful experiences a driver can get. It takes so much time and resources to fix a damaged paint that it’s not worth it! 
A great habit to implement if you want to keep your car in shape is to check the tires regularly. A good rule of thumb is to start with the tire treads. If the tire treads are almost flat, then that means that the summer heat has worn your tire out, and you need to replace it immediately!
Another thing to have in mind is your battery. Due to the extreme heat during the summer, your battery fluids evaporate faster, and the performance deteriorates rapidly. The best way to avoid performance decrease is to regularly have your battery checked in an auto repair shop, such as A+ Japanese Auto Repair in San Carlos!
But what about the engine?
Glad you asked! The engine is the center of your car! We suggest you check the temperature gauge frequently. If the indicator exceeds the optimum range, Houston, we have a problem. Better check the coolants! In this situation, we recommend contacting the team at A+ Japanese Auto Repair, and we will make sure your vehicle is cool, comfortable, and ready to withstand the summer heat. 
The team at A+ Japanese Auto Repair is ready to get your vehicle ready for summer’s scorching heat. Schedule an appointment today or 650-946-1856 at A+ Japanese Auto Repair today. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070.


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