Looking Forward to the Cars of the Future

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Cars seem to be advancing very quickly in recent years. The United States of America finally addresses the dependency we place upon oil with new technology. Soon, that technology will become more affordable. Before that, it will become inevitable due to the climate crisis. The first to leap forward will likely bear the highest cost.


Environmentally, we are running out of options. Combustion engines are individually not terrible as polluters, but given our dependency on cars for travel in America, there were too many cars not to damage the environment. California, long aware of the cost of heavy pollution, has since taken steps to reduce smog and emissions from vehicles. 


The hybrid has brought many people gently into EV cars when electric charging is not available in every corner. It’s been a good compromise to have the assurance of gasoline-powered engines when toe-dipping into electric vehicles is daunting. It’s also brought the auto repair industry more in step with electric cars and prepared to give them the proper maintenance, with ASE certifications requiring us to know and accommodate EVs.


And progress is no longer waiting for the market to catch up. With large, car-loving states like California preparing to freeze the building of new gasoline stations and soon refusing to allow the sales of combustion-engine cars, as well as manufacturers like Volvo committing to purely electric vehicles, EVs are on the rise and about to be the most significant share of the American market. 


Imports have already been responding to these ideas for the past decade and are working to meet the best share of the market while preparing for the sharp change the market will soon face. Toyota has a long line of hybrids available, including heavy trucks like the Tundra, to assure buyers who remain locked into gasoline dependency.


Hydrogen cars are still theoretical, but we’re getting closer. The race between EVs and Hydrogens to fill the market resembles the race between VHS and Betamax in the 1980s. The choice will be in how we popularly work to replenish our cars. When stations begin to switch over from purely gas pumps to electric stations or hydrogen stations, the availability of both and popularity will decide who comes out on top. It’s likely more a question of how expensive hydrogen will be as a matter of better convenience. The market’s greed may decide the issue for us.


Rest assured, Japanese Auto Repair will be here with ASE-certified training to maintain your vehicle, whatever the kind of import that wins out on San Carlos roads. Schedule an appointment today at A+ Japanese Auto Repair. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070.

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