Spongy Brake Pedal? Here's What Could Be Causing It.

A brake pedal should feel firm and tight to quickly stop a moving vehicle. A pedal that lacks a distinct firmness may have problems stopping the car, threatening the safety of the driver and passengers. Drivers experiencing sponginess in their brake pedals should visit a mechanic.

Air in the Brake Line

A Toyota tire and brake

Brakes operate by evenly distributing fluid through a hydraulic pressure system to reduce speed. Brake fluid is the only thing that should be in the brake lines. If air seeps into the lines, it can prevent the flow of brake fluid, reducing pressure and increasing the vehicle’s stopping time and distance. The driver will experience a soft brake pedal and notice difficulty when stopping.

Bad Disc Brake Calipers

To decrease speed, disc brake calipers clamp the brake pads down on the rotors. This produces significant amount of heat, causing caliper corrosion over time. This corrosion causes internal pistons to leak brake fluid, resulting again in a spongy brake pedal.

Bad Brake Fluid

Similar to brake pads, calipers, and other brake components, brake fluid also goes bad over time. Brake fluid’s main job is to convert energy applied to the brake pedal into a force that brings the vehicle to a stop. Brake fluid eventually needs to be replaced as it leaks or grows old.

Master Cylinder Wear

The master cylinder is the meat and bones of the operation. It holds brake fluid and distributes it to the front and rear brakes. As the seals within it leak or break over time, the master cylinder may leak brake fluid. This causes a drop in hydraulic pressure, resulting in a soft brake pedal and a less efficient braking system.

Brake Line Damage

Brake lines can become damaged over time due to a number of reasons, including rust, road salt, and previous accidents. They may develop small holes that leak fluid, causing a loss of hydraulic pressure and difficulty stopping. A mechanic providing brake repair services should check the brake lines for leaks.

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