Spring Flowers: Minimize the Allergens in Your Car

Spring is almost here, which means we can say good-bye to chilly temperatures and say hello to green grass, sunny skies, and of course, that pesky pollen. Some of the outside elements can find their way into our vehicle, and we might see ourselves doing more sneezing instead of stepping on the gas.

If you are looking to minimize the allergens in your vehicle and still enjoy the spring flowers, we recommend following these helpful tips:


  1. Use the A/C system instead of rolling down the window. When you roll down the window to feel that breeze, you may be letting in several allergens.

  2. Wool seat covers and cloth floor mats are likely to trap dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. If you can get rid of the wool seat covers and cloth floor mats, you can be saving yourself from being exposed to several allergens.

  3. Mold can cling to any wet towels, clothes, or leftover food you have in your vehicle. Remove any areas or items that may have excess moisture that can lead to mold build up.

  4. Keep your car clean! From pollen blowing into your car to crumbs dropping from your little one’s afterschool snack, grime can quickly cover every inch of your vehicle, causing you to reach for your tissues more often than you would like. If you keep your car clean, by wiping down your dashboard, steering wheel, or control panel, your nose will thank you.

  5. Don’t forget about your vehicle’s air filter! If your car’s cabin air filter is clogged, it won’t be doing its job: keeping allergens from entering the cabin of your vehicle. Our technicians at A+ Japanese Auto Repair will carefully examine your cabin air filter, ensuring it is performing correctly.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair is a third generation, family-owned shop, and we consider our clients from San Carlos, Belmont, Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Woodside, and Menlo Park as members of our extended family. We will provide you with expert services, such as replacing that clogged cabin air filter to ensure no pollens are entering your vehicle or setting you up with one of our ten free loaner vehicles. Schedule an appointment today.

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