Spring is Here! Is Your Car Ready?

Congratulations! You just got through another winter! Since Spring is almost here, it is the perfect time for some spring cleaning. The team at A+ Japanese Auto Repair is here to remind you not to forget about your vehicle. Your vehicle, most likely, needs a little extra TLC after going through the winter weather. 

With Spring quickly approaching, here are 4 items to check to get your vehicle ready for Spring: 

  1. Let's start with your windshield wiper blades. During the winter, your windshield wipers are working overdrive. Cold temperatures take a toll on your vehicle's rubber components, including your windshield wipers. Early Spring is the perfect time to examine and replace your windshield wipers, especially since we have all heard of the saying: "April showers bring May flowers." 
  2. Take time to inspect your tires! Rain on the roads can lead to slipping and sliding.  Be sure that your tires have the proper tread thickness, no major cracking, and any sidewall damage. If you drive on all-season tires, this might be time for a tire rotation. A tire rotation can extend the life of your tires!
  3. Don't forget about your brakes. Your brakes are essential for your safety, along with the safety of your passengers and vehicle. Like your windshield wipers, your brakes play a major role in winter. Cold weather and water can cause brake noises, such as grinding or squealing, we recommend contacting our team right away. Sometimes, it will be a weather-related noise, and other times you might be feeling deteriorated brakes, which is why it is even more important for a technician at A+ Japanese Auto Repair to inspect your brakes. 
  4. Your vehicle fluids breakdown. Your vehicle works overtime during winter and the cold/wet weather can take a toll. Your vehicle’s various fluids, including engine oil, transmission, brake, or power steering fluid are all critical for your vehicle's overall health. 

Stop by for our free pit stop service to check all of your vehicle fluids for free or if you are ready for service, take advantage of our Seasonal Service Special.

Schedule an appointment today or 650-946-1856 at A+ Japanese Auto Repair today, and our team will get your vehicle ready for Spring. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070.

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