What to Watch for When Buying a Pre-Owned Honda


Hondas: Fairly Reliable, Even at High Mileage counts!

At A+ Japanese Auto Repair, we specialize in Honda service and repair and all other Japanese makes and models. Hondas have long been known for their reliability. Given their reputation, when you purchase a pre-owned Honda, that Honda should last you a very long time -- provided that you take proper care of it, based on the factory recommended services.


Honda recommends having their vehicles serviced every 5,000 miles. The services included in regularly scheduled maintenance range from an oil change and tire rotation to air and cabin filter timing belts, replacing spark plugs, draining and filling certain fluids, and flushing certain fluids.

How Many More Years Does This Honda Have?

If the car has any history of service, that can be useful to determine how fit the car is. Knowing that it has received the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance is a good indicator of the Honda model’s long-term health. Conversely, lack of evidence of regular maintenance is a definite ‘red flag.’


It’s vital that a pre-owned Honda has a complete inspection before you invest in it. A pre-purchase inspection is a great way to rule out longevity killers like rust, suspension issues, tire wear, and overdue replacement of things like belts, hoses, tires, and so on. A check into the history of the car can reveal many sins, such as if it’s ever been written off as undriveable. There are guides available to self-check these issues, but a seller will often agree to pay half the cost of a pre-purchase inspection if the inspection results in a sale.


On our web page for Honda, as well in last month’s blog, we go into a helpful description on what the service codes “Service A” and “Service B” stand for, and also the numericals, numbers one through six. So if you want to learn more about what a warning light means on your Honda dashboard, feel free to visit our web page. If you’ve found a Honda you’d like to purchase but need an assessment of its potential, schedule an appointment today at A+ Japanese Auto Repair. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070. And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for news, updates, and specials!

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