Why A+ Japanese Auto Repair is the right choice for your Lexus!


Do you own a Lexus?

If so, what are you doing to maintain it? Do you pay attention to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, or do you wait for your Lexus to tell you it’s in trouble?


Some cars and vehicles are so reliable and smooth that we forget they are a complex system of moving parts capable of breaking down at the slightest provocation. Sooner or later, your Lexus will give you the dreaded dashboard signal, to let you know that the time has come to get it serviced. 


A yellow light on the dash doesn’t need to be a scary thing. While an urgent blinking light does indicate a desperate problem, your Lexus also knows to flag you down for repair at specific intervals with a gentle light. This is not meant to drive you into a dealership… the light is just a reminder that you need to schedule different services to safely maintain your Lexus.


When you bring your vehicle to A+ Japanese Auto Repair, a prepared Service Advisor will confer with you, take excellent notes about any anomalies you are experiencing, and check your car into our system. When the technicians begin to work on your car, they’ll perform whatever services your Lexus requires and take notes on any long-term conditions they see that could trouble you later– getting ahead of your problems and preparing you for what’s down the road. 


Our emphasis on service, attention to detail, and high standards will see your Lexus confidently back on the road. We are thorough and take the safety of you and your family very seriously. We want you to keep bringing your Lexus back to A+ Japanese Auto Repair for many years to come.







Don’t forget to check out our A+ Japanese Auto Repair seasonal special! It’s a good way to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the winter ahead. When you need service for your Lexus or other Japanese automobile, schedule an appointment today at A+ Japanese Auto Repair. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070. And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for news, updates, and specials!



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