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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Best Directions Apps for Drivers

Best Directions Apps for Drivers

There are tons of mobile apps out there designed to help us make our lives more efficient, including apps for directions. Most of these direction apps are geared toward being hands-free, meaning they are safe for you to use while driving. In fact, many of these apps are equipped with warnings to remind you to put down your phone while driving and listen to the voice commands programmed into the mobile app.  Not only are there mobile apps, but there are several GPS devices that are designed solely for the purpose of driving directions. Mobile apps, however, can be used for various forms of transportation, not just driving such as walking and biking. Here are 5 of the most helpful, free direction apps:  Google Maps: This is the classic direction app and has proved its sufficiency time and time again. It has tons of voice commands too, really demonstrating its ability to be hands-free.  Waze: This app not only offers directions but has several bonus features, including u ... read more


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