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Why Wheel Alignment Matters

Your tires are your first point of contact with the road. As you can imagine, it is essential to take care of your tires and wheels as they play a crucial role in your overall safety and security. An essential component of tire maintenance is wheel alignment -- alignment doesn't' just involve your vehicle's wheels and tires, but actually your vehicle's entire suspension system.    Your vehicle's suspension system comprises various components, including your tires, air pressure, springs, shock absorbers, and steering linkages. Each of these parts needs to be performing in tip-top shape, or your tires might not connect with the road safely and correctly. If your wheels are out of alignment, you most likely won't be able to steer straight, your drive won't be as comfortable, and your fuel economy won't be as effective.    Poorly conditioned roads, potholes, curbs, and so on all wreak havoc on your vehicle's suspension system and ali ... read more


Car Maintenance
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