Does Driving With The A/C On Lower Gas Mileage?

Does Driving With The A/C On Lower Gas Mileage? 

Driving with air conditioning (A/C) is common, especially during hot summer in San Carlos and Redwood. However, many drivers question whether this convenience comes at the expense of fuel efficiency. 


Driving with the A/C does indeed reduce fuel efficiency to some extent. However, by understanding the factors that influence fuel consumption and implementing effective strategies to optimize efficiency, you can mitigate this impact and enjoy both comfort and savings at the pump.


This article will explore whether driving with the A/C reduces fuel efficiency. We'll also explore factors influencing fuel consumption and provide actionable tips to help you optimize your vehicle's efficiency without sacrificing comfort. 

Understanding the Impact of Air Conditioning on Fuel Efficiency

Driving with the A/C does impact fuel efficiency. When you turn on the air conditioning system in your vehicle, it draws power from the engine, increasing fuel consumption. The compressor in the A/C system requires energy to operate, placing an additional load on the engine.


Despite the impact of the A/C on fuel efficiency, there are several strategies you can employ to minimize its effect:

  • Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly. Proper vehicle maintenance, including routine servicing of the A/C system, can help ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Use A/C Sparingly. Whenever possible, minimize the use of the A/C by relying on natural ventilation or using other cooling methods, such as parking in the shade or window shades.
  • Optimize A/C Settings. Adjust the A/C settings to a comfortable but not excessively cool temperature, and avoid running the A/C on its highest setting unless necessary.
  • Plan Your Routes. Avoid heavy traffic or areas with frequent stops, as these conditions can increase fuel consumption, especially when the A/C is in use.

Factors Influencing the Degree of Fuel Efficiency Reduction

Vehicle and fuel efficiency isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. We’ve serviced thousands of customers here at A+ Auto Repair, and no two cars are the same, even if they’re the same make and model. That’s because everyone has different driving habits. Below, we list some factors that influence fuel efficiency reduction.

Vehicle Type and Condition

The make and model of your vehicle and its overall condition can influence how much fuel is consumed when the A/C is running. Older or poorly maintained vehicles may experience a more significant decrease in fuel efficiency compared to newer, well-maintained ones.


Vehicles with electric air conditioning compressors will have less impact on fuel efficiency. Newer, hybrid, and fully electric cars typically have fully electric air conditioning units.

Driving Speed and Conditions

Driving at higher speeds or in stop-and-go traffic can exacerbate the A/C's impact on fuel efficiency. In these situations, the engine is already working harder, and adding the load of the A/C can lead to a more significant decrease in efficiency.

A/C Settings and Usage Habits

The temperature setting on your A/C unit and how frequently you use it can also affect fuel consumption. Running the A/C on its highest setting or for extended periods will consume more fuel than sparingly or at lower settings.

Environmental Factors

External temperature and humidity levels can influence how often you use the A/C and its impact on fuel efficiency. In hotter climates, drivers may rely on the A/C more frequently, leading to higher fuel consumption.

Is It Better To Drive With A/C On or Your Windows Down?

Both options have pros and cons, and the choice often depends on various factors, including comfort, fuel efficiency, and environmental conditions.


Choosing between using the A/C or opening windows is not always straightforward regarding fuel efficiency. Driving with the A/C generally increases fuel consumption because it places an additional load on the engine. The compressor in the A/C system requires energy to operate, which can lead to higher fuel consumption, especially at higher speeds.


On the other hand, rolling down your windows can create aerodynamic drag, particularly at highway speeds, which may also affect fuel efficiency. However, at lower speeds, the impact on fuel consumption is typically minimal compared to running the A/C.

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