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The Effect of Ash on Your Air Filters

California is experiencing a record number of wildfires across the state, and these fires lead to a vast amount of smoke and ash. The team at A+ Japanese Auto Repair would like to thank all the firefighters working so diligently to keep our communities safe and sound. Next, we hope each one of our customers is safe and healthy during this troubling time. The influx of smoke and ash in the atmosphere can also negatively affect our vehicles, specifically your cabin air filter.  Your cabin air filter keeps particles, including dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and ash, from entering your cabin. The state of your cabin air filter is directly related to the quality of the air you and your passengers breathe in your cabin. A new cabin air filter will be sparkling white, but you might find the air filter blackened with ash and other debris after a relentless fire season. If your cabin air filter is filled with dirt and grime, your risk of breathing contaminated air rises significantly.  ... read more


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