Is Your Vehicle Ready for Holiday Road Trips?

Photo by Anthony Garcia on Unsplash


December is at hand, and this year's holiday season has begun! We hope 2021 has been good to you and the whole family; and that you've managed to keep ahead of things this year, despite a very rushed feeling after the slow torture that was 2021.


We also hope you remembered to take care of winter prep for your car; earlier if you have plans to go North or Northeast into the Rockies for skiing this year. Driving in colder areas means thinking practically about getting your car in the right condition for bad weather. If you haven't and don't intend to, we recommend you at least consider the security of hiring a rental car, one that is suited for winter driving in the snow.


Ready or not, here's some prep you should take care of if you plan on driving into snow conditions this year:


Antifreeze/Fluids - Make sure you top off on antifreeze, and if it has been a long time since you exchanged antifreeze, consider getting a fluid exchange. Equally, make certain your oil pressure, brake fluid, and other fluids (including your windshield wiper fluid) are topped off and ready to go.

Check Those Tires - Your tires are 'where the rubber meets the road,' so you need that meeting to be as calm and pre-determined as possible. Check the tires' pressure per square inch (PSI), the tire treads' thickness, the wheels' balance, and their alignment. If you plan on driving in snow, make sure the tires you have are meant for driving in snow conditions!

See To The Battery - Corrosion can play havoc with your battery. If you see white foam around your battery posts, don't ignore it. Schedule service ASAP.

Emergency Kit - An old blanket, a towel, food that won't spoil for years, flares, a medical kit, and an emergency light are very wise things to keep in your car's trunk or rear storage.


We hope that any trip you take out this year is a good one, full of great memories! A+ Japanese Auto Repair is here to keep you safely on the road. Let our qualified mechanics replace your wipers and return you to the road. Schedule an appointment today at A+ Japanese Auto Repair. We are conveniently located at 780 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070.

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